Marine style: choose furniture

Marine style: choose furniture
 Nautical style - the perfect solution for interior design living room, bedroom or nursery. Today it is very popular, so many stores sell a variety of decorative elements and accessories to create a maritime mood in any room. The style appeared just over 100 years ago and decorated mainly ship sailors home, and today it symbolizes freshness, romance and beauty of the boundless sea.
 Currently, marine style divided into several areas: akvastil, ship, seaside town and a pirate style. Selecting one of them in the interior depends directly on the willingness of a particular occupant of the room and the individual parts. The most important attribute in any room - furniture, which initially sets the mood, so her choice should be approached with special attention.

If a marine style will be decorated living room furniture it is necessary to select a dark blue or blue. Such a solution would be the most practical because upholstered furniture in this room will be used frequently, so it should not be too bright. However, it can be decorated with bright accessories (pillows, blanket, etc.) bright colors with the image of maritime motifs. In addition, in a marine style is also common combination of white, blue and red colors, so you can play well and combinations thereof. Also, when choosing furniture must pay attention to the product in the ship design.

Children in a marine style will always look fresh and positive, so the child will be very pleased to be in it. Furniture for children's best to choose a white, beige or light blue tint, which will symbolize the freshness of the sea. In addition, in a positive way the child will adjust as azure or dark green color, symbolizing the depths of the sea. Accessories in the form of sea shells, ocean dwellers, chests, decorative anchors or pictures nautical theme will be a great addition to furniture. The children's room also look great small chairs and tables in a marine style, reminiscent of the interior of a ship or boat, which, moreover, will create a cheerful mood of the residents of this room.

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