Making plaster walls

Making plaster walls
 Decorative plaster for the wall design is used for a long time, but particularly popular this technique acquired recently, when it began to be used in the design of residential buildings. What is the advantage of this method of decoration? Home - reliability and durability, a decorative plaster serves several years without loss over the period of initial appearance.

This is due to the high strength of the material, its resistance to mechanical stress. Crack or scratch the coating is virtually impossible. This property is particularly suitable for apartments where have pets or small children.

Another significant advantage is the visual effect of decorative plaster. Images in many cases allow to create rhythmic repetitive pattern, while the use of plaster gives greater freedom to experiment. The combination of different textures and colors, the possibility of applying patterns and drawings, embossed surface, in addition, there are plenty of other means of expression for the design of the walls of this material.

Qualitative result of application of decorative plaster on the walls depends on the professionalism of the master plasterer. There are several techniques, each of which allows one or the other to create a visual effect. Also, the appearance of the wall, which will be applied decorative plaster, depends on the texture of the material, and the applied with the instruments.

To date, retail chains offer four major types of plaster. Acrylic, which is manufactured based on acrylic resins. It is implemented as a turnkey solution, is relatively easy to apply and resistant to external influences. Mineral plaster, also called dry mixture based on cement manufactured and is available in powder form, which should be diluted before use with water to the desired consistency.

In finished form is also sold silicate plaster, which can be used in conjunction with silicate primer. The material in this group moisture, have a special hardness, which allows them to be resistant to external influences. The most acceptable of all kinds is considered Silicone decorative plaster, it is also sold as a ready mix. This finishing material has a pronounced soil and water repellent, water vapor permeability and increased durability.

No matter what type of decorative plaster you choose, remember that before its application final finishing of walls is not required. Also, after its application, further work is required. This is another advantage of this material, since it is not necessary to finish the work, thereby saving time.

If you doubt your abilities designer, it is best to consult with a designer work. This method of wall decoration allows you to create different visual effects, so expert advice and assistance for working with decorative plaster will not be superfluous. In this case, there is a guarantee that the end result will be harmoniously combined with the interior and the scope of the previously selected design concept of the room.

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