Making of a studio apartment spacious apartment

Making of a studio apartment spacious apartment
 Studio apartment, of course, is not the most spacious home, but with the help of certain design secrets can be done so that she seemed very large apartments.

First you need to think about the design style, which will be executed finish. Discard the traditional ideas about what should be flat. For example, in the bedroom a person spends much less time than the other rooms, so a sleeping zone can be minimized. Save space will allow pull-out bed, a comfortable sofa bed or chair bed that combines both two essential pieces of furniture. In general, all furniture should be as functional and less cumbersome.

Modern designers offer to abandon the usual childhood closed space cramped kitchen. Refrigerator can be hidden in the wall next to the cupboard, and all kitchen work carried out on the same panel. Reduce the space to the size of the bathroom toilet, bath or shower. As a result of all these permutations you get more free space for the living room, where you can realize all your design fantasies.

In order to make the apartment more visually, you must adhere to the bright colors when choosing finishing materials. They visually make the room spacious and bright, besides choosing upholstered furniture, you need to make sure that her tone was in harmony with the color of the walls and floor. Externally to increase the space and help the mirror. If they are well located, the room may appear twice. Use of the light-transmissive trinkets material can be divided into zones with the room via a screen or curtain fabric. It is advisable to abandon the chandelier and replace it with small spotlights.

However, confining and re-furnished home, remember that in the first place, your apartment to like yourself. It's - the place where you have to live it. So if you prefer to hold gatherings with friends in a cozy kitchen, do not deny yourself in a favorite pastime for fashion. All permutations in the apartment and change the furniture should suit all your family members.

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