Lamps in interior

Lamps in interior
 The lamp in the interior - it's not dusty chandelier, bought for the occasion and out of fashion twenty years ago. In the modern design is a masterpiece that can create a mood and a special atmosphere in the house. Properly selected light can emphasize the dignity of the home and hide its flaws.
 Lamps can be different: sophisticated, neutral, professional, luxury, designers, quite simple, huge and tiny, almost invisible in the interior. They not only decorate the situation, a direct function of fixtures - sufficiently illuminate the room. Here are the numbers: one square meter illumination should be from 15 to 25 watts of power. If the floor area greater than 35 square meters, use several light sources from two or more.

In recent years become increasingly popular ceiling lights, which are mounted in suspended ceilings. Thus it is possible to accentuate and highlight certain areas in the room. To do this, the most commonly used spotlights and modular. With the help of spotlights stands some small area, as the angle of light scatter his very small. Modular fixtures are often the same individual parts.

Obviously, for the lighting of the room can be used by different combinations of lamps, depending on the functional purpose of the room. For example, in the living room and dining room lighting as a whole should be the background, which is used ceiling lights. The light in the living room should certainly emphasize the individuality of the interior, so appropriate to hang sconces or put floor lamps that will add comfort and warmth.

In the dining room the emphasis is on the dining table, there will fall at an opportune length adjustable lamps with shades. If the dining room connected to the kitchen, consider the lighting over the desk - fit spotlights or fluorescent lamps in the form of tapes.

Near the bed in the bedroom and children should hang lamp, cabinets and convenient highlight spotlights. If the children's room has a work area, it is necessary to highlight its portable lamps. The bedroom is convenient to have adjustable light: at the head set, for example, paired wall, and next to the chair - a floor lamp. If there is a dressing table, do the lighting from both sides.

The bathroom lighting should be and the background, and a point, because some hygiene procedures require perfect lighting. Hang fluorescent lamp above the mirror, and over the bath - flickering lamp lights with frosted shades.

Without a well-formed interior lighting to make it impossible to complete. This is the final touch that completes the overall picture, done in the same style. Most cozy dwelling will look cold room without harmonious lighting.

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