Indecent erotic home furnishings

Indecent erotic home furnishings
From time immemorial, naked body was the subject of many works of artists, writers, sculptors. Modern designers are not alien to this tradition. They create home furnishings that evoke thoughts about sex in both sexes.
Very popular among designers use a variety of improvements beds. It is not surprising, because it is at this furniture most people prefer to indulge in amorous pleasures, so why not create an appropriate atmosphere. For example, the brand Lago is a bed, on a frame which are cut from a different pose "Kama Sutra". If you do not know how to spend time at night, simply lift the mattress and choose your favorite image. Cassina brand offers its customers a huge sofa, cushions and armrests which are mounted on a special metal sliding racks. These racks are very convenient handcuffed. In addition, you can put yourself cushions at different angles to the execution of a particular posture was more comfortable. Well, the brand released a model Driade sofa back which is made in the form of a naked woman.

Creative designers did not escape his attention chairs. Dutch firm
Moooi expanded family of frameless furniture in the form of original copies of the scrotum with a back-phallus. Once a person sits down on a chair, redistributed filler, and back straight. But the designer Novembre Fabio invented a chair in the form of a female ass.

Devices for room lighting can also evoke dreams about sex. Company Brand van Egmond offers chandeliers with metal shade, like a corset lacing drag. A German designer Wortmann Constantin created a series of lamps of different sizes, made in the shape of the sperm.

Such a simple thing as a flower vase, may also carry an element of eroticism. Designer Wanders Marcel, for example, simply folded into the condom boiled eggs and lowered the resulting latex blank in china. Well Sottsass Ettore, without further ado, just made my vase in the form of a phallus.

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