How to transform the interior mirror

How to transform the interior mirror
 Mirror - the oldest open person. It accompanies the human race throughout almost its entire multi-millennial history. Today, there are mirrors everywhere - eternal, impartial and still amazing. Especially a lot of them in human dwellings.

Mirrors. Perhaps there is no person in everyday life is no object, which would involve so many rituals and accept limitations. Even now, in an age of innovation, people superstitiously afraid of mirrors, getting rid of those that have even the slightest damage and seeking to hang the rest according to the canons of Feng Shui.

But the mystic mysticism, but the decorative role reflectors human life for the interior can not be overestimated. With the help of a pair of mirrors can dramatically change the volume, geometry, perception and emotional component of any room.

Let's start with a simple. If in a small room to hang mirrors on opposite walls - it is visually expand. A similar effect can also be achieved by using a single mirror. Condition - it should be on the bright monochromatic surface.

Mirrors placed on one line along the long wall, make the room appear more square. A few oval mirror "pull" the room, visually adding her height.

If you want to introduce an element of randomness in the room - you can use the asymmetrical models, or even build on the wall panels of the present reflective surfaces of different sizes and configurations.

And if some mirrors hang with the correct geometry, in a row or in the form of a square - it will bring order to the room.

By the way, a mirror, reflecting certain items, "multiply" them. Using this their property easily with the help of mirrors and 1-2, for example, a bouquet of flowers to turn his room into a blooming rose garden and a room with half-columns - into a huge hall classic.

There are also non-traditional ways of placing mirrors in the interior. Mirror on the ceiling, for example, on a clear day the sun will fill the room spray. A mirror mosaic will transform any surface. Pieces of furniture with reflective inserts also change the living space, making it more light, airy and noble.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to change the interior by means of mirrors. If multiply them to the fact that they may have totally different design (the frame, for example), and even color - the number of possibilities increases to infinity. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.

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