How to revive the interior

How to revive the interior
 Quite often you can find luxurious mansions, which have not only a unique look, but even names. The hosts perform design your living space with so much love that they begin to treat their homes as living beings. You can also use this technique to "revive" their apartments, villas and office.

First you need to choose the basic idea. It should involve all areas of the house together. Next you need to do design. Create a certain image by using a combination of colors, as well as small items interior. For example, to make your home a paradise of nature, it is necessary to stick on walls with wallpaper patterns. It is best to choose pictures of plants. If you want to make a home of the future, it is necessary to make a mosaic mirror on the wall. Also in the interior must be present plastic curtains and floor vases with strange shapes.

Now you can move on to the title for the home. You can choose something grand, like Evergreen or Happy House, and can something nice and humble, like the Swallow's Nest or Cave Ivanov. This bizarre game can not only distract from the many everyday problems, but also to look at everyday life from a different angle. You can see her bright and unusual. Such inspiration has already infected many people.

To transform dull walls in the hallway and corridor need to do a panel of family photos, memorabilia, or children's drawings. It is best to place them in the same frame. If this is not possible, you can just stick them on the big picture canvas. It can be decorated with dried flowers, beads and small toys. Walls will look good if they hang pictures that were written collectively by all members of the family. You can offer native people leave on canvas colored prints of their palms. As a result, you will have an amazing picture.

Do not forget about the original light. For example, the lamp can be directed at a different angle or attach it to the wall. Thus visually enlarge the space of the room. It will be much more comfortable. Adjust the light to your liking. If the apartment is small, it is better to create more vertical lines. To purchase this narrow but tall cabinets.

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