How to choose a wallpaper

How to choose a wallpaper
 Before the start of finishing work is necessary to select the appropriate wallpaper. To make the right decision, you should consider various aspects of material selection and purchase wallpaper, appropriate design of the room.

Ready for finishing of walls and ceilings, wood and plaster walls and partitions are used and roll film wallpaper. Such material - more durable than, for example, with the color as damaged or contaminated sites replaced with new wallpaper easier than to pick the color you want to paint the walls.

When choosing wallpaper is worth remembering that living rooms should hang conventional paper wallpaper. Other material not suitable for residential rooms, as they are breathable and does not absorb water, which leads to a violation of indoor air humidity regimen. Experts in the field of sanitation and hygiene is recommended to finish with such materials, only those areas where people do not spend so much time (bathroom, toilet, corridor and others.).

Washable wallpaper paste over the wall is recommended in the bathroom, in the kitchen. For bathrooms suitable film cloth - penoplen and others. Linkrust and vinisten used, usually in the finishing corridor.

The importance of the choice of materials are drawing and texture that may affect largely on the perception of proportions. For small spaces are not suitable wallpaper with a large figure, further reduces their visually. In such areas is better to use wallpaper with vague outlines and fine pattern.

Select the color tone and roll film materials necessary, given the functional purpose of the premises. This is important not only aesthetically, but also hygienically. You need to color contributed rest and good mood, relieve fatigue. Therefore, for example, in the bedroom need to give preference to green tones, and orange and yellow - in the common room. Cause a feeling of spaciousness cool colors wallpaper - gray, blue, and a room with dark blue or brown wallpaper, on the contrary, it seems smaller.

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