French style in the interior

French style in the interior
 French style in the interior is one of the most elegant, romantic and at the same time regal. It requires love and good taste, luxury and glamor, does not tolerate neglect. To hit your interior imagination and breathtaking, it is necessary to know the key features of its construction.
 Since the French interior originated in the palaces and spacious rooms, it is best suited to residents of apartments with high ceilings and townhouses. It was in this room with antique furniture, carefully chosen accessories create a sense of comfort and wealth. Paris muted colors requires a lot of air and light, and a small room can give the opposite effect.

It is important to choose the right color composition of the room. Looks very elegant lilac and pink combined with silver and green. It is advisable to use pastel shades that are close to each other - pearl pink, silver gray, pale lilac. Can also be called traditional terracotta, black, dark blue and white. Originality can give unobtrusive combination of stripes and floral pattern, gold curls.

The materials used in the French interior, can be very different, but the best way express this style ceramic granite or natural stone polishing, in extreme cases - light parquet or laminate. Must be present textiles: velvet, chenille, satin, silk, organza, taffeta. Windows can be decorated with lambrequins or chic layered curtains.

Furniture for the interior French-style need old, or at least the effect of aging. The most commonly used wooden furniture, with delicate wrought-metal, bronze, golden, silvery tones. Two or three pieces of furniture serve as centers that attract attention (eg, bed, table or fireplace), the rest of complements and accessories. Can be called a traditional deep comfortable chair "Bergere", a large dining table "pedestal table," cupboard "dressuar."

French place great value accessories. This may be the golden candlesticks, graceful lamps, tableware made of porcelain and crystal, vases, flower pots, figurines, boxes, chairs and small tables with carved legs. Such exquisite detail, arranged in artistic disorder around the house, give the interior a truly French charm.

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