Colour therapy in the interior

Colour therapy in the interior
 On the interior absolutely any property affected by personality traits, living in it. Conversely, home furnishings affect the subconscious level to the human perception of the world. How to create an atmosphere in the room, which would have acted on it masters the most positive way and helped to find inner harmony?

There are two basic ways to create a comfortable interior for yourself. One - is the use of a pleasant, quiet and bright colors in the decoration of the room and the decor, the use of soft objects with a streamlined shape. And the second - to issue the space with bright colors.

Choose which option will suit more for you and your household and help cope with stress, based on the temperament of the inhabitants of the house or apartment. So, there are four basic psycho: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. Focus on these types or trust their own feelings.

If you are energetic, fun, and consider myself to be sanguine or choleric (these types of people are characterized as extremely lively and emotional), then you will be bored and uncomfortable in faded interior, spare no colors. Pick a palette of some of the most favorite colors and pick up the shades so that they are well combined.

Paint the walls in bright colors: red, purple, canary yellow or orange. However, to set the mood does not necessarily make repairs. Transform the space around you with the help of colorful accessories: carpets, curtains. Spread the tablecloth on the table beautiful, put a vase of flowers on the sofa put soft pillows. Decorate shelves various figurines and statuettes, photographs of loved ones.

If you think that you closer psycho phlegmatic or melancholic, you are calm and thoughtful, then you will find harmony, to design the interior in bright colors. Choose pale green, blue, salmon, beige, cream tone for the decor of the room. Add soft light with the help of floor lamps and sconces.

Pick accessories with marine issues. Curtains, bedspreads in blue and blue colors. Vases, candles and candlesticks in the shape of fish and seashells. If such things you do not like, then decorate home accessories with crystals.

Fill your house thing, being charged with incredible energy of pure colors. They will help you overcome stress, elevate mood, mobilize your inner resources.

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