Christmas decoration 2012: fashion trends

Christmas decoration 2012: fashion trends
 Approximation New Year holidays are always eagerly anticipated, regardless of the number of years lived. And every time you want to decorate your house for this romantic and cheerful holiday in the best way. Making in 2012 has its own characteristics.
 The coming year will be held on the eastern calendar under the sign of the black water dragon. Therefore, black must be present in the interior. Very good and various shades of blue and gold color. In decorating the house particularly encouraged to use wood. This element, which is credited with the essence of the black dragon. Shellfish and starfish - welcome everything that is related to water issues.

Place the door silhouette dragon decorate windows with paper fish, satin ribbons of blue and green colors (simulating algae), lay on the table or windowsill river pebbles. Figures of fish, seahorses, sea urchins and other marine life and rivers need to decorate a Christmas tree. No matter, it will be purchased or homemade toys.

Dragon figurines (made of plastic, wax, wood) must find its place in a festive decoration of your home. Place one under the tree, the second - on New Year's table, the third - at the front door, etc.

For New Year's table, choose a tablecloth is not white, and blue, blue, aqua. So you please dragon. Permissible brightly colored napkins - from red to golden. In general, shine "like" symbol in 2012, so tablecloth choose shiny fabrics - satin or silk. By the way, that the tablecloth does not slip on the smooth polished, beds first piece of soft tissue.

Be sure to use candles in the design for the New Year celebrations. Place them in a beautiful shiny candlesticks. Or decorate them with tinsel and golden rain. Candles also choose themselves a golden hue.

Lay on the table with special cards with the name of the guest. So you can avoid the hustle and bustle and be able to think in advance scheme seating of guests to avoid spanned communication between them and provide general merriment.

Arrange small gifts and souvenirs about cutlery each guest. It may be Chinese coins, ceramic souvenirs, shiny crystals.

Make sure that on the table were necessarily tangerines or oranges. These bright yellow fruits are considered a symbol of wealth. And the black dragon - a symbol of the coming year will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Create a holiday atmosphere in the house, nice to lay the table and by the look perfectly - that is what one must strive to worthily celebrate the New Year.

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