Chinese style in the living room

Chinese style in the living room
 Chinese style in the interior is extremely popular for several years. However, decorate the room with red paper lanterns and hang on the wall a couple of fans is not enough that the room has got an atmosphere of harmony, beauty and mystery of the East. To create a Chinese-style in the living room will have to work hard. But all your work will pay off handsomely. After the eastern direction in design - one of the most stylish and original.
 The main principle of the interior in the Chinese style - is simplicity. But simplicity does not mean cheapness and bad taste. It is important to choose the decor and exquisite quality items that convey the overall style of the room and blends perfectly with each other.

Particular attention should be paid to the decoration. It is by no means impossible to save. The floors are covered better light parquet or laminate that simulates a tree. On the walls will look great paper or bamboo wallpaper with a pattern reminiscent of traditional Chinese painting. Wooden or bamboo fabric panels on the walls create a basis for the general style of living. Will only have to pick up competently fill your room with furniture and accessories.

You can not make room furnishings. Living room should be spacious and light. Low coffee table, a miniature sofa, elegant wooden shelves wicker chairs or chairs with comfortable, soft seats will be enough. Do not be afraid of bright colors in the interior. Deep red, golden yellow, or deep blue underlined Chinese direction in the design of the room.

The final touch, gives the interior finish and individuality are decorative elements. In the living room, decorated in Chinese style will look wonderful aquarium with goldfish or a home fountain. Fine little things of Chinese porcelain, painted screens, bells and paintings of characters give the room a special charm.

Before proceeding to the arrangement of the living room, think about whether you fit the selected style. Because the house primarily reflects the nature of man, his passions and values. If you value peace and tranquility, pay attention to the small details and do not like the hustle and bustle, the Chinese style in the interior is perfect for you.

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