Bath: buy a new or updated?

Bath: buy a new or updated?
 The coating on the bath due to careless operation often fails: the enamel becomes rough, and shows the chips and cracks. Not necessarily immediately change to the new bath, it is enough simply to restore, and it can be done independently.  
 To restore the old bath, peeling enamel, it is necessary to first clean with sandpaper. It should be done very carefully.

The next step - applying to the surface of the bath a special primer for metal surfaces (it's best to use a spray). Care should be taken to its layer was uniform and contained no bubbles, otherwise a new coating will last long.

After the primer has dried on the surface of the bath is applied by means of special enamel brushes (for example, "Epoksin") based on epoxy resins. These enamels are supplied with a hardener. They come in different colors: blue, black, yellow, brown, turquoise. Multicolored enamel used to add white to get the desired hue. Enamel is applied 2-3 times, with each successive layer - only after drying the previous one.

The new coating dries in a few hours, but finally it cured only after 5-7 days. The main disadvantage of this method - the inability to use the bathroom during the week.

Restoration using a special insert also solves the problem of the old coating bath. The specialists applied to the inner surface of the bath of the old sealant layer, it then sets liner acrylic preselected size. Use the bathroom can be had after day.

Renovated bath so in any case can not be cleaned with abrasive powders that damage the acrylic. In addition, in order to avoid scratches in the bath is recommended to use a rubber mat (for example, when bathing animals). Disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that non-compliance with the installation of the liner technology it can almost immediately lose its shape, it may appear bubbles or cracks. In this case, you must immediately contact the firm to carry out work to eliminate the marriage. In addition, it happens that the liner is not possible to choose the required size - for example, if the bath is very old. In this case, it is either replaced by a new one, or try to update the coating thereon as described above.

As can be seen from the above, in most cases, the old bath can be quite successful restore. Methods for the restoration of the old coatings can be troublesome, but they are quite economical and less destructive: they avoid, for example, damage to the tiles on the floor and the wall, almost inevitable when replacing the tub. In addition, when accurate operation restored enamel lasts at least 5 years, and acrylic liner - not less than 15. Therefore, the change to the new bath is meaningful only if the overhaul or if you do not like its shape or size.

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