Aquarium as a piece of furniture

Aquarium as a piece of furniture
 Want to add to the exotic interior space? You do not have enough sea freshness in the sweltering apartment metropolis? Do you want peace and relaxation? Buy a beautiful large aquarium, and make your interior unique!

Time passed similar Soviet tanks, dirty glass and non-professional lighting. Now the aquarium in a room is not a way of learning about the world of small children, and a real highlight, able to emphasize the good taste and social status of the owner of the apartment.

Aquarium absolutely suitable for any room. In the kitchen, his bright colors cheer up and improve appetite aquarium in the living room can serve as a center of the composition of the room and surprise guests in the bedroom aquarium will bring peace and relaxation.

The aquarium is suitable for small apartments, as well as for rooms with a free plan. Create a partition of live aquarium plants and hanging by dividing the functional space of one room for two: it is visually increase its area and natural ingredients will bring freshness and sense of freedom.

Build a kitchen and dining area in the Greek style: decorate the interior columns and moldings. Close the place cooking aquarium, wrapping it in an attractive glass pillars with shaped pattern, antique ornaments. If carved columns you can not afford to replace them with glass shelves weightless. Arrange them candles and dishes in the Greek style.

Aquarium can be placed anywhere in the room. If the room is large enough, put an aquarium or a mini-pool in the center. At the same time beat the appearance of the aquarium: modern materials can achieve almost any shape and size that allows the aquarium completely fit into the decor of the room.

Think about lighting aquarium in advance. An excellent solution for a bedroom will dim lights aimed at striking marine fish. In this case, the aquarium will serve as a nightlight. However, the light plays a more important role: it is necessary for living in the aquarium fish. Similarly, should take care of the ventilation system and cleaning. If you want colorful fish long pleasing to the eye, to be healthy and beautiful, and the glass of the aquarium as long as possible clean, consult with professionals on the content of the aquarium, a combination of different fish in the water alone. Remember that you are going to keep living beings. Even if they can not speak, they still need care and comfort.

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