Accessories in the room according to Feng Shui

Accessories in the room according to Feng Shui
 If you want to organize your space in the house under the laws of Feng Shui, start with accessories. They do not occupy much space and does not require a complete change of interior. But to attract luck and prosperity into your life subjects of feng shui is quite capable.  
 Water - one of the most active elements in feng shui. It is able to quickly attract good luck and positive impact on the success in business. Set in the living room home fountain, an aquarium with fish or waterfall. You can arrange the items in the office or dining room. But the bedroom - not the best place for water accessories. Take care that the water is always clean. In a waterfall and fountain water should not just flow down. Necessarily need a container, where fluid can accumulate. Otherwise, all the energy will disappear without a trace.

Potted plants not only beautify your room, but also serve as an active element of feng shui. Bamboo is considered a symbol of good health. It is better to put in the eastern part of the room. In the area of ​​wealth, that is, in the south-east will be very handy money tree. If you like the bouquets of fresh flowers, do not forget to regularly change them. Cut flowers in three days begin to produce stagnant energy.

Put into the room Chinese symbols of masculine and feminine. Green Dragon figure represents the male force, and the White Tiger - female. Put a tiger in the western part of the room, and the dragon - in the east. It is believed that the male mascot should be placed slightly higher than the female. Then the family will be peace and harmony.

If you have a dark room, be sure to put lights there. Light disperses stagnant energy and attracts the house strength and good luck. Crystal chandeliers and sconces best stimulate favorable energy qi.

Very carefully, use a mirror. Do not hang a mirror opposite the entrance door and a double bed. Get rid of things with cracks or stains. It is best to place a mirror so that it reflects light.

That the laws of Feng Shui worked enough to buy a couple of accessories and put them in a room in a prominent place. There are many conditions under which items feng shui work and attract good luck into the house, wealth and success. But the most simple laws can be used without a thorough study of Eastern philosophy.

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