Proper lighting

Proper lighting
 It is important to place the lights in the apartment or house. It is responsible for lighting the main impression that people get from the interior. No matter how well thought out design of the apartment was, if not correctly positioned lighting, it will not be advantageous to look. Pick up the lamps to match the style of the interior, and reign in your home comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.
 Proper lighting in the apartment must meet several requirements. It should be sufficient to at night the room was light. It is essential that if you wish could be mute on or off of the lighting to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Soft and dim light needed in the bedroom, dining room, in the nursery, and even in the kitchen, if you and your friends like to come and sit there with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Several dusky light gives the room a special atmosphere, but it is still important that it could be well-lit. Standing bad light negatively affect vision, forcing you to strain your eyes too much.

Lighting in the flat, regardless of the devices used for it, is divided into three categories:

- The main light,
- Extra light
- Decorative light.

Key light - that is what he mainly because need absolutely in all rooms. This is the very bright enough power with which it is possible to well illuminate a room, even if you almost never have to do that. Typically, the main light used for ceiling lamp: chandeliers, glowing panels and other options, sometimes a combination thereof. The light should be soft enough to cover all the premises.

The extra light is provided by means of low power devices used in any one of the room. It is necessary, for example, to read in your favorite chair on which you are for this purpose hang sconces, or to illuminate the mirror, also in this category table lamp, etc. Here there are so many options to choose lamps and set them in the right place for you - it's a fascinating thing, after which the house will be much more comfortable.

Decorative light is beauty. Lighting power he is usually small, but it can be used to place accents in the interior, to emphasize any details. This type of lighting include, inter alia, candles.

Lighting your apartment says about you as much as your favorite style of dress. Approach to the issue seriously and at the same time creatively, to live in the creation of light space was comfortable and pleasant.

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