Modern styles in interior design

Modern styles in interior design
 Question of interior decoration of the apartment - a private affair of each family, so should be guided primarily by their own preferences and tastes, and then the recommendations of stylists and designers. After all, from the interior depends your mood, performance, health and recreation. There are basic styles of interior, according to which the housing is usually made.
 In the past, there is stiff enough fashion to interior design. People do not change furniture every few years. The one that was acquired, was to serve for decades or even centuries. It is clear that this approach style preferences in humans evolved sufficiently conservative. In the modern world, everyone can choose how he beat his own house: an avant-garde and trendy style or in accordance with the always relevant classics.

Of course, most of the interiors there is at least a little bit eclectic. If immediately after repairs style may still be intact, the life and experiences dictate their demands, we have to re-buy something functional, and some pieces of furniture may simply fail. Nevertheless, there is always a tendency for the basic design of the home.

Classic style - a fashion at all times, whenever you furnish their house in accordance with it, no one will call you a reactionary. It is divided into several other areas: this category also includes the Empire and the Greco-Roman, and English styles. Today, among the followers of the classics is particularly popular following trend. Make a house under c classics, and then add back some cutting-edge elements, unusual and original. Classic style is well suited to a country house or large apartment.

For most modern apartments standard size most commonly used modern. This style created in urban areas, and in most of them and used. It is characterized by fairly calm color transitions, very cost-effective and intelligent use of space, practicality and comfortable use of all kinds of materials.

For those who love all art, it may be advisable to pay attention to this style, as high-tech. These interiors fascinate young people, focusing on electronic and modern technologies. Basic quality hi-tech interior - an exceptional practicality, often for the sake of comfort, plenty of useful electronics, fashion materials, unconventional design and extravagance. Gaining increasing popularity subspecies of this style, eco-friendly high-tech, which is characterized by the use of unpolished wood, brick walls without decoration, always a lot of white and empty space. It is important to note that not every apartment layout able to qualitatively "digest" high-tech ideas.

For those who are most appreciate luxury, the ideal solution would be to Rococo, which, perhaps, now finds a second life, so it is popular. This luxurious, rich interiors, and if the high-tech comfort sacrificed for the sake of minimalism, the Rococo, by contrast, refuses to comfort only from a desire to look even more richly. Style is good for a country house or large apartment, but it is not suitable for urban malometrazhek.

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