Modern kitchen interior

Modern kitchen interior
 The modern kitchen reigns in peace and harmony practical functionality and innovative design ideas. Here succinctly interwoven domestic helpers technical and aesthetic preferences embodied in furniture.
 Modern kitchen interior can be roughly represented as the "Bermuda Triangle": stove - fridge - washing. There can be no quality assistants lost in time and space. Domestic and foreign designers are unanimous in their opinion that the most important thing in the kitchen - its functionality. In addition to the basic elements of the "triangle", it is desirable to have available a dishwasher, extractor, microwave and aerogrill.

In recent years, the organization has received great popularity interior with built-in appliances. Free-standing objects often create diverse kind of chaos. However, this type of optimization kitchen space may have some difficulty: replace such equipment will be more difficult. If the choice of "helpers" approach deliberately and with knowledge of the matter, preferring well-known brands, then they will serve as a high quality and without repair for a long time.

Today in the interior of the kitchen as the materials are used as important-classic natural wood and veneer, MDF, glass, metal and postforming. They are used on the floor, tabletop and as an apron around the perimeter of the work area. The above materials must meet certain requirements: they must be durable, easy to clean, durable and impervious to stains from spilled liquids.

For the apron and the floor tile is perfect. It is not "afraid" of spray stains can appear only in the seams, but they are easy to remove with a sponge and detergent. But artificial and natural marble very "afraid" of animal fats and beet juice. These materials stylish look in the interior, but not practical in use. This is due to the fact that their surface has a microporous structure and the upper layer may be colored by negligence, and practically impossible to remove stains. Coverage of natural wood "afraid" of the same, if not pre-treated with special professional protective varnish (not to be confused with the decorative).

Artificial stone - that's the ideal material for kitchen countertops. It has the variety of colors, very strong and durable. As flooring in modern kitchen interior designers recommend laminate increased wear resistance (32 and 33 class), its colors florists.

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