Kitchen in the style of Provence

Kitchen in the style of Provence
 Tired of the hectic and troublesome everyday urban life, people dream to be somewhere in nature or in a warm farmhouse, surrounded by comfortable carrying a positive charge bagatelles. Maybe it was this desire and restores to life the ancient style of Provence, which is home to a distant France. He increasingly finds its place in the design of modern interiors.  
 This style is like no other, is able to convey warmth and comfort of your home. After all, every characteristic of a thing: the furniture, the walls, the floor - are light. They are simple and unsophisticated, breathe ancient and quiet.

Upon entering the room in this manner, you will immediately notice the colors of Provence, take any warm pastel colors, blue, pale green and even soft shades of yellow and red. And no cold gray or aggressive bright colorings.

To match the color scheme and materials for walls and floors. It is desirable if they are natural. Of course, this Provencal cuisine has a stone floor, roughly plastered walls and ceiling of a dull wooden beams. This is hardly acceptable for a modern room. But to create the right mood, you just have to pick up textured wallpaper, simulate using tile or brick masonry walls and natural stone or wooden planks on the floor. About laminate or linoleum forget.

Another distinctive feature of Provence - great, no curtained window overlooking the delightful green garden. But as in the modern city a pleasant view from the window - a rarity, you will have to search light curtains of linen or calico, which can be decorated with ribbons tied up. But the window sill, it is desirable to use as it is made in Provence. Be sure to place it on the flowers in pots, the compositions of dried flowers or any decorative figures.

The door to the room should be white, and perhaps decorated unobtrusive floral pattern.

In terms of the choice of this style of furniture is rather complicated. Following his canons, kitchen, fill the cupboards, cabinets, chest of drawers, chests of small size. Table - large and massive, preferably round. Chairs - lattice or woven. All this furniture (among other things, natural oak, walnut or chestnut) should look as if it was used more than one generation: light, abrasion, "bleached" time or not colored, with peeling paint here and there and chipped, traces of wormholes .

In that artificially aged wood, now there is no problem, but other more complicated. Firstly, in order not to spoil the overall style of cuisine, you have to try to build and hide behind the doors of cabinets and all modern appliances. And, secondly, the style should be, to a large number of household items was taken in the open - on shelves or in a hanging position. In this case, all your crockery is another element of the decor and requires careful selection.

Big minus is that the open items quickly sit down dust and grease. Complicates the care of a kitchen and the availability of all kinds of towels, napkins, tablecloths, capes in the technique of "Richelieu", elegant porcelain figurines, vases with flowers. But they give the charm of Provencal cuisine and charm, which is expected of it.

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