Fresh ideas Christmas decorations

Fresh ideas Christmas decorations
 Decorating a home or apartment to such a magical holiday, as the New Year, too, should be special, even magical. Try a different combination of colors instead of the boring red-green.
 Artificial Christmas trees produce all colors of the rainbow, so choose the one that will hit you in the heart, and the other decorations to select, already focusing on this beauty. True fir dress up unusual and original, and it will be your pride and the center of attraction for the home.

Not overlooked symbol of the year - a figure it must be present in a conspicuous place. Year of Black Water Dragon involves a large selection of colors for decoration. Requests the presence of water shells, starfish and a variety of fish. It will be interesting to look room, decorated under the aquarium. Christmas decorations and tinsel pick up all shades of blue, and instead of one big tree fix on a long board threads of different shapes and heights. They will represent the algae, this construction place along the wall. Between the branches spread out shells and sprinkle colored sand.

Dragon loves fire, so use all the fiery hues also welcome. Hang fragrant tangerines and candy in bright shiny wrappers instead of Christmas toys. A small Christmas tree with traditional stand-up to put a cross in the lower branches of a colorful box in which the gift or in a large vase for flowers. If there is no room even for a small fir, decorated with branches can be put on a festive table.

Upholstered furniture takes a lot of space in the room where you would normally gather to celebrate the New Year. If you refresh the upholstery, the whole of the premises will be transformed. Sew a simple cases of elegant shiny fabric and make chic bows, so they do not stray and slid from his chair and sofa. After the holiday, a new thing can be removed and cleaned before the next celebration.

In all your existing transparent vase, put shiny Christmas decorations. Instead, you can use tulle thread snowflakes of different shapes and sizes, carved out of pure white paper. Between snowflakes secure glass beads. Pretty hard work, but the effect of this jewelry will surpass all your expectations! Actually, this idea gives great scope for creativity, you can use a variety of shiny chains, twisted cords, bright buttons, sequins - all this sparkling beauty can be combined arbitrarily, and the finalization of the thread attached to a wooden rail.

All your ideas and ideas for New Year's decor brings to life with the help of members of the household, such concerns do not tire, and infect a festive mood and joy in advance, long before the celebration.

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