Ethnic interior

Ethnic interior
 One of the most fashionable interior design solutions today is the interior design in the style of "folk" or ethnic interior. Style involves the use of traditional for some areas of the globe of materials, colors, shapes and pieces of furniture.

Amazing our planet Earth. How many wonders, how many unusual places exist on it, how many peoples lives and cultivates its own culture, traditions and customs. And sometimes something so astounding that one does not want this "something" to give up, and I want to take him home to live with him and every day again and again to meet with this miracle.

Perhaps it became fashionable interiors in ethnic style. Some traveler thought came from distant countries, to turn your home into almost like Moroccan Palace, or Japanese Minka house in Provence.

There are plenty of styles that come together in a class called "ethnic interior." All of them are completely different and have features characteristic of homes in the region, to which are attached. But there are general patterns in ethnic interior, home decor like Chinese, Italian, Egyptian, African, or some other style.


Colors to create folk interiors chosen as naturally as possible. Specific colors may vary by region, whose traditions are taken as a basis. So, for example, for the interior in oriental style characterized by luxury bright colors: cyan, magenta, orange. Welcome abundance of finishes, patterns, shine.

But for the Japanese interior bright colors are absolutely unacceptable. Here all should be moderate, naturalness and elegance. Cream, pearl gray, white, beige, brown and green with small patches of red and gold - the colors of the Japanese home here.

Spirit of Latin America perfectly transmitted using a combination of yellow and blue, brown, pink and juicy.

As for ornaments, here too, it all depends on the selected region. China is characterized by exotic figures of dragons in oriental ornament rarely featured creatures, the Japanese interiors are decorated with images of nature and characters.


Folk interior is quite incredible energy. Anyone who has ever been in the house is decorated in ethnic style, will surely feel it for yourself. This rise is due to the energy primarily using natural materials.

In the "people's interior" unacceptable plastic and other synthetic materials. Wood, stone, natural animal skins, bamboo, cane, glass, natural fabrics - these are the materials from which to create etnointerer.


Of course, the finish is bound to be rough, almost as if untreated surface. Typically, the wall covering is used by various decorative plaster, paint or stone cladding. The floors are made of wood or tile decorating their mats, rugs and carpets.


Important role in the perception of any room light plays. For etnointerera usually choose multilevel lighting. The main source should not give too much bright light as close to natural. Local lighting is required to set stylish accents, lighting, for example, works of folk art made in the region, which is dedicated to the interior of the space.

But in general, etnointererer - it's a game. Just a little tale that an adult suddenly wanted to settle at home, not to leave her for a minute.

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