Cosiness in the Eastern

Cosiness in the Eastern
 When planning the decor and interior design, you can refer to other cultures, to get ideas from the experience of processing facilities distant countries. The most elegant and exotic today are themes eastern interior. With their help, you can create a unique comfort Oriental at home.

Eastern interior decor has developed very gradually. He polished by centuries wise Eastern culture. It efficiently use materials and colors, with great attention to natural energy, which has a huge impact on human health and welfare. It was probably this is the secret serene atmosphere of the eastern areas.

To begin with it makes sense to revise the color gamut. Black and white combination is not the last value in the eastern interior. The black color is used to emphasize the geometric form elements. Neutral colors and shades of white are needed to balance the black parts and fill decor. The main colors are designed to emphasize the focal point. We must try not to get involved with bright colors, they can ruin the mood.

In the eastern interior of the contrast material is permitted. For example, the stone slabs may be interspersed with wooden flooring in the correct order. Or you can put a sophisticated silk cushion on a wicker chair from rods. Most importantly, to keep a balance in their choice. Balance the contrast can be successfully neutral natural materials.

The decor in the eastern room is not the last. Can serve as decoration bright, colorful Chinese fan, hanging on the wall of a simple, low-key covered with wallpaper or paint. This will create a slight accent and not offend measures experienced designer.

All types of oriental design adhere to minimalism. This means an excess furniture or accessories unnecessary cluttering the room is not allowed. The furniture is usually low, so as not to interfere with the free flow of Qi energy. Furniture typically located around the perimeter of the room, if it is a zone of rest. However, in the living room furniture can be grouped in the center of the ensemble. This room is used for communication, and such an arrangement is not forbidden.

The main principles, which should create a cosiness in the Eastern, not complicated. You need to balance and harmony are respected in all, and the room had plenty of space.

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