Meditation techniques. Updating of mental processes

Meditation techniques. Updating of mental processes
 Psychoanalysts and esoteric argue that most of the actions of people produce mechanically. Most of the information perceived by the senses is not fixed in the mind.  

We all do consciously and unconsciously, at the same time. How can this be? Every day we automatically we go the same route to work, unaware of what is happening around us. We accept food, not paying attention to the smell and taste. Scientists refer to the fact that our consciousness is not focused most of their time on what is happening here and now. During the work of any action our minds busy flow of thoughts or memories. All this detracts from the sense of the fullness of life and happiness.

 Too many meditation techniques focus on mainstreaming of mental processes and that our consciousness. One of the techniques is meditation "here-and-now." It is, as often as possible to tell yourself here-and-now to concentrate on doing any act. This technique allows us to transfer our consciousness from the past to the present and feel the originating point. Proved that people who do this meditation, become happier, efficiency, more focused and energetic.

 The technique of "Freeze" recalls meditation "here-and-now." But it is that a person is engaged in daily activities mechanically, in the most unexpected moment Stop. Upon hearing this command, one must freeze in position and realize it. Feel your posture, become aware of their thoughts, feel the actions performed. With this meditation, people learn to live in the moment, extremely concentrated and consciously.

 The most difficult meditation techniques for updating the mental processes is considered the achievement of inner wholeness. Her work consists in merging the various parts of the human psyche, the so-called sub-personalities. Subpersonality represent the structure of human consciousness, partly endowed with emotion. In fact, they are the faces of the human personality.

Vivid expression of Selves can be observed when a person doubts the correctness of the choice. While working on the synthesis of all the sub-personalities, one can eliminate the struggle between them, create the conditions for a common goal. The second stage of work on the sub-personalities is to merge them all into a single entity, ie the acquisition of own self This technique allows for a solid state of consciousness, to be the man himself in any situation.

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