Energy vampirism: Truths and Myths

Energy vampirism: Truths and Myths
 Topic of concern to many energy vampirism. Energy vampire - people fuel their low energy due to other people who are for it are donors. Vampires affect the aura of donors, implementing it in negative charges or taking energy. Of course, these myths about the relationship between humans existed long ago, and only today they began to find its scientific explanation.

You can believe or not to believe that there is an energy vampirism. But any of us can remember incidents from his life practice when communicating with any particular man was not only unpleasant, but also leaves behind physical discomfort. It manifests itself in the event of sudden fatigue, loss of strength, headache, dizziness and nausea. After such communication good mood vanished in the shower was a feeling of emptiness.

In recent years, many scientists and physicians interested in the phenomenon of human bio-field, and its existence is a scientifically proven fact. Invented sensitive equipment that allows not only to detect, but also to fix the energy field as an image on the screen.

Brightness, saturation biofield can see and psychics. They note that people with strong energy that are donors, biofield is visually smooth, flowing radially light greenish-blue tones, completely filling a whole cocoon-aura. For those people who are in need of energy supply, the color of light inside the cocoon is a dirty red, almost brown. Luminescence biofield vampire uneven, visible black specks, depressions, sinkholes.

The theme of energy vampirism has been confirmed in studies of blood, which were held in the Research Center "Biola" under the direction of the candidate of medical sciences S.A.Yakovleva. In this very sensitive technique used morphological analysis of blood using a polarizing microscope, Interferential. It was found that in healthy people blood liquid crystals look almost identical - yellow, like a small sun with a nucleus in the center. Patients in need of the flow of energy from the outside, the structure of biochips, their shape and the area affected. Depending on the type of disease, liquid crystals change their blood color and become red, orange, blue, green and other colors. Observed inside the crystals, and various combinations of defects of irregular shape.

Doctors are just beginning to investigate this phenomenon, but we can say for sure that it actually exists. People who are donors should be aware of the possibility of such contact and be able to protect themselves, to avoid becoming a victim of a human in need of energy supply from the outside.

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