Whether you love yourself

Whether you love yourself
 Have you ever ask yourself the question: what is most important in life for you? Did you try to lay down in the correct order stereotype values, in what order are the areas of your own life: children, husband, garden, home, work, dinner, dog? At what location your own interests? How much do you love and respect yourself? How much attention is paid to their wishes?

Often we try to please others, to do everything as well and forget about ourselves. As a rule, in this case we are haunted by a sense of self-neglect, frustration and discontent.

In soul creeps feeling that our own lives are not controlled by ourselves, and the circumstances that live around us. And if you try to live happy, be happy, do not deny yourself anything and think positively. Ask how?

Being accepted for cleaning the house, you do not think in a negative direction like, 'That rascal, again all around dirtied, and I clean up. " To get started, think about yourself, because a clean and tidy house urgently needed in the first place to you, you deserve the best, it is always nice to come back to a clean house, and be proud of yourself, what you are doing useful work. You - a real housewife! Always do so, what would your home shine and please you comfort and cleanliness.

Never miss the pleasure to look good, do not let yourself go and do not go home, just anything - unkempt and untidy. Get a nice clothes, home comfortable suit, do not forget to comb your hair before you go for a home business. You're not going to think of her husband, which is unpleasant to him to appear in zamalevannom robe, and will think about myself: what a pleasure to walk home in the new slippers with flowers and teddy suit.

Always look so at home, no matter what you shy suddenly appeared in front of the guests, so you can immediately go to the store without alarming their views of street cats.

Keep yourself in shape and keep in mind that once a person a little dissolve itself outwardly, and it is immediately reflected in the daily life. During the time when you give yourself look like a horrible, you start to think similarly - "hit or miss" why give myself up, comb, why go somewhere to go, why make an effort to do something, to something something to strive for? Why? Who needs it? The more you give yourself the freedom in this respect, the more slovenly, and, accordingly, the greater will be cause for acute dissatisfaction with himself.

If you do not love and respect yourself, you will not be able to love and respect others. If you are unable to take care of yourself, you will not be able to make happy people that are around you, you just can not understand their desires. First you need to take care of herself, and then think about what you can do for others. Accept yourself as you are, respect and love yourself. Let your every activity brings you pleasure, and you'll be amazed when you smile in response to the whole world!

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