Trusting your loneliness

Trusting your loneliness
 Modern life is very dynamic and rapid. We are in touch with a huge variety of people: out into the streets - we are in the crowd; coming to work - are among the colleagues and superiors; Back home - we also find ourselves among relatives; shops, transport, walks, discos and much more - and all because there are people. But for all that we can be alone in their thoughts, desires and feelings. However, we all perceive loneliness differently.

Often comes a time when thoughts come that you once on the planet, or who do not need it. At such moments you want to someone to talk to. You can cheer yourself up in a noisy and cheerful company, but it will be only a temporary lull. After the fun begins again this is the loneliness.

Being constantly in a team or among relatives, who every now and then talk, you can still be lonely. Sometimes it seems that the whole world is fully configured negative for us. Going to the store, we hear maltreatment Seller went out into the street, see a discontented face neighbor came to work, we hear criticism of the authorities - after all this, you think it's all specifically to spite you. The result is depression. It would be desirable among all the many people really need to find someone who will understand, listen and warm warm your soul.

As a cure for loneliness different methods are used: someone uses alcohol, someone he comes out of this state, and someone just sits and waits ignored him and help.

The feeling of loneliness visits each. Very often show loneliness in different works of art. For example Franz Kafka in his books are constantly told about it. Left alone with their feelings, people change externally and internally.

However, on the other hand, the more complex a person's inner world, the more interesting it becomes. It will be self-sufficient, it will not look for friends, and raise their confidence. Such people can be sociable and at the same time do not be afraid to be alone.

Alone with a very useful, since there is time to think about life, their feelings and their appearance. You can try to go to the movies without friends and family or go for a walk only with a camera. At such times, people will remain alone with themselves and with their sense of life.

What is loneliness: blessing or sorrow? Each person decides that for themselves. We must remember that everything in life can change for the better.

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