The fear of death. Problems mature personality

The fear of death. Problems mature personality
 Youth with its limitations quickly. There comes a maturity that brings maximum freedom and, at the same time, the maximum liability. In the foreground a desire to take their place in society. Become very important and significant eternal questions of material security, career and prestige.

The first words out of the mouth of a mature man - "to strive for and achieve." Mature man leaves Romanticism, departs from the Youth fun and goes directly into the network and real-world functional. He is constantly concerned to take a more comfortable position in these "networks". There is no time to stay and be alone with yourself, constantly haunted by the ghost of lost opportunities, unfinished business.

Often people "comfortably", and in reality entangled in a web of relationships mechanized completely oblivious to the fact that it is intended to be a person. He puts on a life as a body and take care exclusively to satisfy their immediate needs.

Consequently, the man faces three deaths: biological - complete cessation of physiological functions; social - the loss of their place in society, fear of complete loss of social "mask" leads people to commit suicide; spiritual - when a person loses his face, the likeness of the deity.

What is the fear of death, which often has a personality? The older people are, the more they fear death. They seem to feel her breath, which is close to him from year to year is getting closer and closer. Mature people are very insecure. Pursue their fears sick, accident, etc. But the fear of death itself is so strong that people just do not think about it. And if he thinks, takes horror at the thought that once the moment will come, and will have forever leave this life.

Scientists say that a person is not afraid of the fact of death, and afraid of the unknown after it. The fact that the death of the unknown costs, throws a mature man in panic. Fear of the unknown haunts him throughout life. People are even afraid of what they do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Of course, if we thought only of death or knew her date, then our lives would be a nightmare. In this case need faith. If you look at the world a little philosophical view and understand that everything that is arranged, and even death itself - it is a natural process that will necessarily lead us to one large, certain natural and good. If you can believe it, then your life will be much calmer and happier.

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