Simple ways to effectively manage time

Simple ways to effectively manage time
 In our fast technocratic age when business activity increased people to the limit, it is very important to properly allocate time resources throughout the day. Simple rules for managing their own time to help you keep up with everything.

According to Parkinson's Law, the work will take you all the time you have allocated to it. That is, if you decide to handle a project in an hour, you do it in an hour, if released to a half-day, half-day and then leave. Minimizes allocated for each task amount of time.

Plan your day in advance. Plans can not be met, but you need to plan in order to save time when it comes time to act.

Divide all the cases into 4 groups: urgent important, unimportant urgent, important non-urgent, non-urgent unimportant. Enjoy a close first set, the following two try to minimize and to delegate to others, and the case of the latter group can not perform.

80/20 Pareto principle says that 20% of all cases 80% yield result, and vice versa - the remaining 80% of cases bring results only 20%. Concentrate on the first 20%, the lion's share of your profits, and for the remaining 80 can be and forget.

If you have a period of inactivity, do not blame yourself for it. Doing nothing is better than doing unnecessary work. Take care of summarizing and correct setting goals for the future.

Make a list of things for which you are wasting time, for example, waiting in traffic jams and queues unimportant phone calls, punctuality customers. Try to reduce them.

Give yourself a buffer time - a small gap between the two cases. This will give an opportunity to relax and gather strength.

To expand productive time can go to bed an hour later and wake up an hour earlier. So you will have another whole 120 minutes per day.

Try to break up large complex cases into components. Eat an elephant bit by bit easier than the whole. If you use this rule, even the most large-scale events will be given to you easily and naturally.

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