Secrets of confidence

Secrets of confidence
 Often self-doubt carries echoes of childhood. When parents can cite as an example of an excellent student or class victory for the sport of one of their classmates. After achieving some people can not be the measure of who is better.

To become self-confident person, you need to look as good as possible. Hairstyle, makeup, clothing - all this must be matched by wasps taste and soul. Looking in the mirror reflection of the morning before work or in the evening, always repeating that you are the most attractive and intelligent woman. Do not think that things are obvious to you, so visible to others. If you are red from what is said in the presence of large numbers of people, it does not mean that people have seen it.

It is not necessary to focus their attention on the physical flaws. You may feel that you have an ugly nose or irregularly shaped lips. But in fact, the people that surround you may not notice your negative externalities of these qualities. On the contrary, manage to turn their physical defects in the "flavor" that makes you different from everyone else lyudey.Esli you unnecessarily criticize the people around them in whatever that may be, then, for sure, and you can see a number of drawbacks. Get rid of this habit.

In order to win over the people, need to be attentive to them and soulful listener. Do not be afraid to be sincere person in relation to the interlocutor. If you have something do not understand, ask the person to explain to you what to do. If you touched people with their charm and beauty, then confessed to him about it. Do not push people away.

If you do not want to stay at a party or event alone, then take the first step. Meet the man who will be able to share your excitement, and you will not try to quench odinoki.Ne his excitement with alcohol. To anything good is not privedet.Nekotorye people try to hide their embarrassment for aggression, so often cut with others. Try to understand them, but do not use this method for self-affirmation.

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