Put sneak into place

Put sneak into place
 Yabednichestvo causes contradictory reactions, on the one hand, it sometimes helps to understand the situation, but on the other - does not look quite ethical. A particularly acute problem is that when a child is infinitely snitch and parents begin to think about how to put in place a sneak.

Yabednichestva problem, so subtly bordering on denunciation was discussed at all times. In our country the nickname "sneak-koryabeda" has always been offensive. In order to balance this situation, parents need to understand that not all cases yabednichestvo aims to punish the perpetrators, but simply demonstrates a proactive stance child.

Separately need to allocate cases when the child is not just snitch, and complains about those who offend. In this situation, he asks for protection, even adults may feel that it can resolve the conflict on their own. And if the parents are costing the standard phrase that does not need to snitch, that undermine the foundations of credibility. After all, if the native people can not and do not want to help, to someone else to handle?

Sometimes, in a similar way the child tries to attract attention or just to tell you how he was your day. In children's eyes yabednichestvo not always associated with the denunciation, because yabednichestvo can be directed not only parents, but also peers. This conventional narrative of the events, so parents just need to be more attentive to the children's speeches.

When growing a little sneak home, the parents need to establish the boundaries of the permissible, primarily for themselves. Prohibit child talk is meaningless, because it will bring only one result: he is confident that his speeches do not matter. This is the same erosion of trust in adults and their authority in the eyes of children.

When a child takes the following piece of information you need to deal with it immediately, starting with the question to himself informant about why he is told. When the situation requires the intervention of adults, then it is absolutely necessary. If complaints are obobschitelny character, you can do simple tips.

If sneak trying to manipulate their parents, looking at the example of their reaction to the behavior of others, possible exemptions for themselves, the answer here should be categorical. What is forbidden one, and he is not allowed, the general rules of conduct and apply to all.

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