Psycho: teach me how to live

Psycho: teach me how to live
 Psycho has recently become a fashion that captures more and more sectors of society. Multiply their types, names, new directions. Coaches argue that without them is almost impossible to be truly successful person. And promise to achieve happiness, confidence, prosperity.

The history of psychological training starts in the forties in America. Renowned social psychologist Kurt Lewin founded the first training group studying that, I realized that the team members better cope with their problems if they analyzed publicly.

In the 60s there is a direction of the training of social and life skills. This training was intended to develop people whose professional activity is related to communication, communication skills.

In the 70 years developed a method of role-playing games that allows you to play a variety of situations, changing roles.

Currently enjoying success psycho different directions. Corporate training or team building, very popular among companies. It is believed that regular participation in group activities such managers and staff contributes to the development of team spirit, unites the team and allows you to learn how to work in a team, feel neighbor's shoulder.

Business training, designed for those who want to succeed in business and achieve success, usually aimed at to acquire certain skills to fix, such as negotiation. There are training sales managers, training of decision-making, management, etc.

Trainings aimed at personal development, the most ambiguous as to the methods used, and on the declared objectives. Their developers claim that help the growth of the personality of their wards, reveal their hidden reserves, are taught to be strong and happy. However, not all so simple.

It is often used in such training very hard technique, humiliate human influence on his psyche. They argue that the strong may be the one that who can endure the trials and pressure groups. This method is called Lifespring. For some, it really can be a useful, but some drives into depression, breaks, makes you feel its worthlessness. Some psychologists even compare these trainings totalitarian sects.

It should be very attentive to the choice of psychological tools that should help you gain confidence in yourself.

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