Love as inevitable

Love as inevitable
 "Who said that love is the law, he does not know anything about it." (Larissa Rubalskaya). Love comes when you are not looking, silently, in a businesslike way comes, shakes off the snow coats and remains forever. It will not drive, do not kill, it just lives. And the paradox of the situation is that, as the life, love without sex may exist, but it is very short-lived without it and not viable (just simply bored). The very thing that this feeling has the property that the more you run from it, the more it flares up, and the light does not extinguish anything.  

Loved you ever? Acute, painful, selflessly. Have you because of the circumstances to give up love. If not, then this article is not blow you away, it is better to close the link and look for something more interesting. This material is for anyone who has ever walked away from love. Left consciously and proudly, without having the slightest idea of ​​what will happen tomorrow, not hoping for anything and without asking for anything.

Lived - were he and she. All have been good, he was married, she was married. Life has long entered the stable and measured bed without worries, without tears and regrets. Of course, life sometimes seizing, but it did not seem something irreparable, many well as live. Household chores and business, buying cars and apartments, everything went according to plan strictly, as long as life is not brought them together at one time in one place. First, they both seemed that nothing happens. There is no denying that good friendships were born almost immediately. They helped each other to work and not only what they could, but did not consider it something more than just good relations between the two buddies. They went home together, and danced at festivals, occasionally drank beer together, but nothing else happens. At some point, they are so used to each other's presence in my life that have never imagined that sooner or later have to leave. These relations have for both of them an integral part of life. However, life is unpredictable, and sooner or later brings about changes. It just so happens this time. Circumstances were such that they had to leave - for a long time, perhaps forever. 

They mourn, grieve, and decided that it sometimes happens, not in it, you can see the essence. But the heart can not be fooled and by itself can not escape. And the beginning of the letter. The nature, the weather, the mood. It lasted not a year or two, but much more smoothly until until fate decided to bring them back ... And then dissolve, but forever. Only because of all the above circumstances can not leave our heroes, anyway relations continue to retain their bright friendship against all odds. Support each other in times of triumph and sorrow, and never in no reproach, do not wait, do not regret.

What is it - a gift or a punishment? What to do in such situations, if run - do not run, everything anyway, back to the same point? Perhaps, we can only rejoice and thank heavens for such a gift. After all, very few people manage in a lifetime experience like that - a bright, unconditional feeling. Let things go as is, for what will be, will still not be avoided.

"There is a legend - a bird that sings just once in his life, but all the more beautiful in the world. Once she leaves the nest and flies to seek bramble bush and will not rest until he finds. Among the prickly branches of a song she sings and throws breast on the longest, sharpest thorn. And towering above unspeakable agony, so singing, dying, that this jubilant song would envy and a lark, and the nightingale. Unique, incomparable song, and she goes to the cost of living. But the whole world stands still, listening, and God himself smiling in heaven. For all the better to buy only at the cost of great suffering ... At least, so says the legend. "
K. McCullough, "The Thorn Birds".

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