Learn to love - art

Learn to love - art
 You know what love is? This is such a wonderful sense of light, uplifting person, making it kinder, more tolerant and spiritually richer. Most people understand what is at stake when they hear the word "love", but not everyone knows that we must be able to love another. It's just a feeling arises spontaneously, but in order that it survived and grew stronger, you need to make a lot of effort.

Love - is, first of all, trust. As paradoxical as it sounds, many people forget about it. If you love a person, you sometimes want to belong only to you, think about it constantly and as a result, have ceased to trust him. You begin to doubt his loyalty and sincerity, and a direct route to the final relationship. Think hard, you trust yourself? What would you feel if your favorite began to suspect you, so sincere and infinitely loving him of treason? Distrust humiliates and degrades primarily just for you. Therefore, if you like, learn to trust your beloved. Just believe it. After all, if he loves you, everything else does not matter, but if you do not like - it's much less important.

Love requires a person to be soft and accommodating. This does not mean you have to give in to your partner around and lose their will. But it does mean that you need to listen to his opinion and make decisions based not only from their own desires and needs, and regardless of the wishes and needs of a loved one. It is very important to keep a balance and not to overdo it in pleasing each other. You have to learn to keep their own opinion, but at the same time be soft and flexible. Love, by the way, it is very easy to do.

Respect the personal space of desire and your loved one. It is not necessary to qualify for its attention constantly, day and night. You must be able to rest from each other and find time for things that are nice to do alone. Love teaches you care and patience. Devote more time to yourself and do not let your inner world to dissolve in your favorite. After all, you both individuality, each with their own habits, hobbies and social circle. Save it every man for himself, because love - this is not a merger of two people into one, is an art to be different, living together.

Of course, love is unthinkable without tenderness. Manifestations of affection - a mandatory attribute of the relationship of men and women, not only at the beginning of your meetings, but many years later. Tell each other how much you love, make nice gifts, and whisper sweet words - all this supports the passion and keeps your heart warm and loving. Ignore the signs of attention in any case not worth it. But both want to sometimes feel that way the person next to you and wants to touch you.

Remember, love must be protected. It's a wonderful feeling can disappear as easily as there was, if not to deal with it and forget about the simple, but very important details. The most important and the most significant in your life - it's close and favorite people. Make it so that they always felt your love.

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