Black stripe? Repaint!

Black stripe? Repaint!
 On the periodicity of ups and downs in life says a lot, and so-called "zebra rule" is known to all. But what to do if a black band is clearly not going to end, causing doubt in this wonderful principle. There are, of course, the option of waiting patiently and blind faith in the fact that all the bad things ever replaced good. But is punishable by a natural human tendency to optimism and light?

That is why it is not necessary for a long time to focus on the assembly of overhanging problems. Those that do not have a decision should be taken as inevitable and try to get used to their presence, but not oppressive, but rather puzzling, but no more, leaving the healing time function and condescending good healer.

Just philosophically should be attributed to the problem of time passing nature. But what is not worth doing, it's shelved tasks requiring active and decisive action to senseless delay is not delayed and did not lay down a dark shadow on a regular, light strip life.

When some well-wishers advised man caught in a difficult period of life, do not worry, it is perceived almost as an insult, because only a frivolous and superficial people are able to maintain the serenity of a critical and difficult moments. But what really should do is to perk up, but such questionable practices as alcohol, categorically excluded.

The most effective way to decorate the life of optimism and find a change of scenery. If you allow the opportunities and circumstances, it is possible to travel to a completely new place or, at worst, a short "raid" on nature, which, as we know, heals all wounds.

And, you can repaint the dark band of his life literally! Even the most insignificant and easy repairs in the apartment, change color scheme or some interior parts airing out and add animation.

Not bad helps to find a past joy life new hobby. All kinds of courses, such as driving or learning a foreign language, clubs, special interest clubs effectively help to escape from gloomy thoughts. And if the head is occupied by heavy thoughts, it is recommended to take a hands needlework, crafts, household - anything, as long as it brings joy and a welcome respite.

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