Beauty as a destructive force

Beauty as a destructive force
 No, probably, in the world of a woman who would have dreamed of being ugly and unsightly. Somehow, everyone dreams about the opposite - to be beautiful. How much time, effort and money is spent every day of the fair sex on to become even more beautiful. And did you know that all of these attempts, and sometimes completely inhuman experiments may lead to a rather sad consequences?

Modern industry offers women many kinds of devices to increase their own cute. There is everything from hair dyes and finishing implants in the chest, lips and even genitals. Of course, women are persecuted the most noble goal - to please men, but sometimes in pursuit of the perfect appearance we may lose precious health.

It's no secret that the constant interaction with the styling, hair dryer, curling irons and other similar devices have on the hair strong damaging effects. It turns out that you want to give hair an attractive appearance, but in fact are contributing to the constant destruction and weakening of the hair. In addition, coloring and frizz means not only destroy the hair itself, but also absorbed into the body, causing your health even if slight, but still harmful.

Every woman knows how much different appearance feet in shoes with flat soles and heels legs - just heaven and earth. So we walk in high heels, thus spoiling their legs even stronger, because at constant wearing high heel shoes is very uneven load on the foot. After a while lovers studs start of pain and swelling, and then it can happen such trouble as varicose veins and arthritis. Do you want to legs looked amazing, but practice what they begin to be covered swollen veins and ugly bumps. Is that correct?

About a girl who suffers a diet, a special subject. Of course, no one is calling you to become plump as the bun, but that in any diet should be medical reasons! Also, sometimes more useful to visit the gym or take a walk from work to home than indulge in everything and starve the unfortunate body hunger. Remember looked like prisoners of Buchenwald? Hardly these people can be called blooming and bursting with beauty, do you think that a strict diet can lead you to something else?

Finally, scientists have recently discovered that men are afraid of too beautiful women. Not that they do not like them, but serious long-term relationship with a babe dare not all. After all, have to constantly jealous, afraid that someone would lead her or she decides that deserves better ... In general, when a very beautiful lady in the blood of the men produced a huge amount of stress hormone, and not just in love constantly arriving in a state of tension. So stop worrying about their appearance. You are beautiful, remember this, and all the rest will come with time, learn to enjoy what you have.

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