Autogenic training in practice

Autogenic training in practice
 Many people have heard about such a thing as autogenic training, and about the results that it can bring. However, not everyone took out the possibility of autogenous training enough to actually try them out on the action itself. Although this is no big deal. You just need the desire, quiet comfortable place and some free time.

To begin to prepare itself the belief that you will use to self-hypnosis. That is, for example, if you want to improve your relationship with the boss, the text suggestion will be approximately as follows: "I imagine with the head of a single entity. We respect and appreciate each other. He has me absolutely no complaints. Head never think bad about me and will take care of my earnings. "

Now we should find a place of training. Because autogenous training involves a certain concentration of consciousness, care should be taken that nobody stops you throughout the procedure.

Find a quiet, comfortable place. It is desirable that the light was slightly muted, so you will not be distracted by it.

Should stay the most comfortable way for you. You can lie down on a soft carpet, you can curl up in your favorite chair, but if you lie down on the bed, do not put your head under the pillow. Relax, you can just go to sleep and forget about exercise.

Start by relaxing the muscles of your body. Remember that the position of the arms, legs, back and head should not strain or another muscle group, you should be as relaxed.

Think of how your right hand (for left-handers better to start on the left) becomes warm and heavy. Pronounces himself "my right hand is becoming harder and harder ... Harder ... My right hand was heavy and relaxed." This will cause a relaxation of muscles.

Then imagine that your hand starts to warm up, even when hot. To achieve this effect, use the following setting: "My right hand warmer ... warmer ... My right hand quite warm", while visualize his hand in a pleasant warm water, or that your hands under warm blanket.

As a result you will achieve not only relax the muscles, but also the expansion of blood vessels.

Repeat this for the rest of the relaxation of body parts in the following order: left hand, right foot, left foot, the whole body and neck. Next, go to the relaxation of the facial muscles.

Pronounces himself "Face muscles relaxed ... They are relaxed and completely smoothed out." Feel the relaxation of the facial muscles and a slight sagging jaw.

Then persuaded himself that his forehead to be cool. Mentally imagine that it blows a gentle breeze. Feel the pleasure of the process.

At this first stage of training came to an end. To exit the dive give yourself a mental command: "Hands tightened. Breathing deeply. I open my eyes ", which will lead to the activation of the body and allow you to wake up. So it is necessary to train from one week to a month.

After fixing the first phase of muscle relaxation call at the next session and move to a relaxation of consciousness. Imagine yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. This can be a beach or just a beautiful green meadow. You renounce all sustenance, you are really good. At the same time pronounces himself "I am calm ... I feel good ... I enjoy my peace ...". Sign into this state at least five minutes.

After a complete relaxation of body and mind begin suggestion settings that you picked up in advance. Installation should be brief and contain the problem.

Following this suggestion should be properly get out of the dive. To do this, say the following sentence plan "I am well rested. I was filled with calm and confidence. I am full of vitality and ready to solve their problems. One, two, three! ". When this phrase is pronounced with increasing vigor and the word "three" you have to open your eyes and get up.

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