Art tolerated

Art tolerated
 Properly reconciled - a great art. To each side are offended, it is necessary to know some secrets. Time and to use them properly. Success in solving almost any argument in the hands of someone who is not afraid to take the first step. Of course, have something to give way, but in fact the most important results than a long and nervous state, which took place over the quarrel.

The most important thing - to analyze who is right in this situation, and who is to blame. Most often, resentment, unspoken claim, first collected and only when they reach a critical point, poured into contention. Said a lot of nasty words, mutual discontent. Basically, the problem is that can not be reconciled, and the first to go to conciliation, no one wants.

But if you take the first step, then this will only be a positive result - save time on internal experiences, respect, that the problem is understood and agreed. Of course, we should not rush into extremes and rush to apologize. It is necessary to know some rules of reconciliation.

So, the first thing to do - to pause, without losing composure. Enable others also to think about the quarrel. Do not try to sort things out right away, since it is possible to hear more unpleasant words spoken rashly. Ultimatums is also not necessary to put - it is likely that more will be chosen the easy option, but it is not what you need. There should be no tantrums - is too strong a weapon - it should be used very rarely, because such moments produced addictive. No need to reproach, noble expression - all to face. Much wiser to remember something good. And, strange as it may sound, to ignore the hurtful words spoken - all expressed in the heart.

We'll have to work hard to restore the truce. Puffing peace pipes at first glance seems unprofitable occupation, since it seems demeaning. But on the other hand, the feeling is only going to tolerate. Those who came to the most often starts in his words look wrong and wrong judgments. Discussion of the general problem, of course, not a raised voice will help you understand the cause of controversy. And even if offered unacceptable conditions, it is necessary to agree with them, and then find a compromise. And most importantly, when everything settled down a little, you can beat all in his favor. You just need to take the time.

You have to be compliant - this will only benefit. Will appreciate how smart, sensible, understanding human ability to recognize their mistakes. Of course, it is better not to quarrel, and this should learn to avoid pitfalls in the relationship.

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