Anti-psychiatry and its principles

Anti-psychiatry and its principles
 The modern world is harsh. Even the healthy physical and psychological point of view of a man under certain conditions, can transcend beyond the bounds of reason. Unfortunately, the number of such incidents is steadily increasing.

The reasons for this are many. The transition itself from the absolute health to the deepest breakdown described Ronald Laing. Anti-psychiatry - is a very important scientific work describing the same transition. Laing is its founder, but the idea is not new. Such thoughts were even his teacher. Yet the discovery of ontological insecurity (the second name of anti-psychiatry) belongs to Laing. He developed a chain that reflects the transition from a healthy person to a person with a mental disorder. This chain looks like this:

A healthy man, confident in his being - & gt; Ontologically insecure - & gt; Start splitting Mezhuyev body and mind - & gt; The transition to full ontological impotence - & gt; Trying to avoid the horror of helplessness and complete a split personality - & gt; The last stage - Heavy schizophrenia and avoid awareness of this by splitting and so a split personality for another subsystem. Establish an internal image of the enemy.

All this transition takes place, in order to avoid the suffering caused by the ontological insecurity. In addition, the Anti-Psychiatry is divided into three main manifestations:

1) Absorption - is an attempt to isolate the patient himself from the outside world because of the fear of losing their identity. And in this case, good and strong feelings, such as love, sympathy, and others fear is stronger than the negative, for example - hatred.
2) The explosion - a very complex form of anti-psychiatry. The man is afraid of everyone and everything. There is a very strong, overwhelming feeling of danger. If the world - a ball of gas, which was put on fire, and he is about to explode and destroy the identity or swallow it. The patient eliminates any contact with reality because of its explosion.
3) Numbness (depersonalization) - a special form of fear that turns man into stone. There is also such a magical effect, trying to turn man into stone with the denial of their identity and complete depersonalization.

Despite all this, Laing felt that a person with a mental disorder "normal all normal," and not a person is sick, and the society that recognizes these people psychotropics. On this basis, there was a whole social movement of the same name, advocating for the rights of the mentally ill and people unjustly established.

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