"The X-Files" or whether it is necessary to keep a diary

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 Keep a diary often begin in adolescence, when boys and girls feel particularly turbulent emotions. There are the first "adult" feeling that can not be shared with parents and friends, as well as experiences related to learning. But then, when teens get older, blogs continue to conduct only a few of them. The rest of the blog or begin to consider manifestations of stupidity, or are afraid that the innermost thoughts someone will read ...

The strongest motive that prompts many adults to keep a diary, is the desire to organize their thoughts and tasks, as well as to achieve a particular purpose. Often this is due to the professional activities. Blog may be for you the best organizer in which you reflect your plans for important meetings, make some notes. Journaling, you increase the amount of your memory and improve their work.

In the diary, you have the option of just put down on paper the fleeting ideas that quickly running out of memory. Later, you may have thought about them better and start exercising. Many deadlocks, set out in writing, you can safely and abstract review. Most likely, so you will find the best solution.

Entries describing different situations, ideas and incident, you learn to better express thoughts and perhaps even develop writing skills.

A note on the current life of the events that happen around you may be interested in your descendants or even historians of the future. And you yourself-in a while would be nice to recall some positive moments. In the diary, you can freely express their opinion without worrying that you will misunderstand. You can talk openly and honestly about their mistakes and blunders, as in the confessional.

If you have something up not so accumulated irritation or you something very upset - in these notes, you can throw out all the emotions. Pour out on paper what has become painful, advise and psychologists. It is, in any case, much better than break on someone close to you or "load" their personal problems and experiences.

Some things, sometimes not quite priglyadnye or requiring confidentiality, it is better to entrust the diary, and not someone else. At this point lies the biggest drawback of keeping a diary. After all, it can become a serious threat to you, compromising material, which is always necessary to hide from prying eyes. Therefore, journaling, always think that not trust paper. And if you are not sure that will be able to maintain your blog from prying eyes, it is hardly necessary to write in it something secret or carry it at all.

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