How to Ask

How to Ask
 How often have to ask a loved one to help with the housework, go shopping or take out the trash. But instead perform your request, the man somehow continues to lie on the couch with the newspaper or "crumbles in the salad" monsters on your computer. After all, there is a way to encourage stronger sex action. The main thing is not to give up, and then there is every chance to master this secret knowledge.
 The best thing from the beginning of your relationship to teach a man to that periodically you will need his help. If you just make it clear that some of the things you, as a fragile and defenseless girl simply can not cope, the man will be happy to be your knight in shining armor and save the hassle of pulled hard. Of course, the measure is also necessary to know. After all, no one likes when he is forced to carry 15 suitcases, peel potatoes, wash the dishes after dinner and ask for a purely friendly vacuum the carpet before the arrival of the parents. Do not abuse the kindness of men. If he does not resist and helps you sometimes at home, is the severity and twists tight valves in the bathroom, this does not mean that you need to take upon him the brunt of household chores.

For those who were not so prudent and did not prepare his beloved advance to the idea that women need help in a purely women's affairs, too, all is not lost. Be prepared that at the moment you decide to ask for a loved one to help wash the dishes, he will accept your request with bewilderment. But do not despair, the situation can still be sent to the desired channel. It is enough to show a little patience and tact.

In any case not Retrieve your lost, do not cry and do not make a scene. Crown women: "I'm at my best years you spent, and you even can not make junk! "- The result will not bring you. If you are really brought things to a running form, learn diplomacy. Express your request and quietly once. Just ask the man take out the trash (go to the store, wash dishes or cook breakfast). After a wave of bewilderment that washes over your missus will take some time. Wait and do not take anything. Perhaps the man will resist, arguing something like: "Are you really can not she? I'm tired. It is important not to start to fall apart, but still easy to justify their request. After all, you do have a good reason, otherwise I would not have asked.

And then be a very delicate moment. It is important not to break, not to argue more and not to repeat the request countless times, until the man does not want to be left alone. He will resist and grumble, but in my heart will decide to do as you ask. He just needs some time to make the decision it turned into action. Your task now is not to disturb him and give the opportunity to all their own. It is important not to cause a man feel that he commanded a woman. If you already see that he picked up the trash, do not cry, "take out the trash." This may be difficult, but you will soon learn to feel exactly the moment when to stop squeeze.

And one more important thing - to ask a man about something very specific need. Women often try to clothe their requests in a softer manner. In fact, for men the phrase, "You can wash the dishes? "Means only a matter of whether he is able to this effect, but it is not a request to do so. Raised specific.

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