Energy vampirism: how are energy vampires

Energy vampirism: how are energy vampires
 Many people are condescending chuckle from a single mention about energy vampirism. Like, it's a fairy tale for the gullible! Other religiously believe in the existence of this phenomenon. What about energy vampires roam the crowd, for their truth is not subject to appeal. What is energy vampirism from the point of view of those who believe in it?

This ability to take someone else's energy, literally "eating" her. Energy vampire, in doing so, quenches his "hunger". It can act as unconsciously, in cases when a person is not even aware of his illness, a hair's breadth, as the carrier of any other disease, has not shown signs of it, and intentionally. And if vampires are related to the first type, can yield only limited damage, the second type is many times more dangerous. They literally create around themselves "cloud" aggressive hatred. Energy Vampires second type behave according to the principle "the worse the better." That is, the worse it gets around, he took away the energy, the better it feels vampire. "Sated", he often comes across as a good-natured, cheerful, sympathetic person.

A natural question: how people become energy vampires? What is the reason? The origins of this phenomenon lie in early childhood. Small child - like a blank sheet of paper on which you can write anything you want. This fully applies to its energy field. If a family unhealthy situation, conflicts and scandals, if the child does not feel loved and welcome (especially in the case where the parents really not very happy of his birth), it certainly receive negative energy field "infusion". And with a very high degree of probability it when grows up to become a vampire.

It is these children are particularly aggressive and rampant during adolescence, making the most brutal and wild antics. And later in life, they often become, for example, domestic tyranny, that life under one roof can be easily amount to torture.

Alas, there are energy vampires in our lives at every turn. Forever dissatisfied with something, too martinet; hysterical evil-teacher; annoying pushy mother-in-law, son-in-adoring teach; chronic ipohondrik- "sufferer", which is the meaning of life - in all its details to tell almost the first comer of his countless sores. Literally "expended some" of those who had the misfortune to contact them, sucking their energy, they "come alive".

Here you can only sympathize. And advised to the extent possible to avoid such people, or at least reduce the communication with them to a minimum.

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