Woman and phone

Woman and phone
 In the joke with a beard husband hears the phone rang. Wife picked up the phone, talk, 20 minutes hung up. "Who was that?" Asks the husband. "Wrong number", she replies. Anecdote, though old, but perfectly reflects the love of a woman to a telephone conversation.

Certainly in the era dotelefonnuyu many husbands often could see the house moving empty fridge or Mount neglazhennyh their shirts. his wife as they had to catch a neighbor, a girlfriend, or her mother: the conversations they did not notice how time flew and completely forgot about what we need to cook dinner and ironing collars. With the advent of telephones life much simpler: there is no need to go to the other side of the city to the girlfriend to know that she had trouble at work, pleasantness in his personal life and no changes to the salary. When there were tube-phones, life is turned into a fairy tale: You can chat with my mother on the phone, and the most at this time vozyukat ladle in a saucepan. Or purr with her man, in parallel making manicure.

It is believed that a woman talking on the phone much more than men. It's true. Remember the phrase about the fact that a woman loves ears? Women are generally smaller visuals than men, and therefore the rule of "better to see once than hear a hundred times" for them does not work. They just hear a hundred times preferable to a favorite friend on the phone, and a hundred for the first time and you can already see it. To discuss a lot of the things that did not have time to discuss the previous one hundred telephone calls. Talk with your loved ones on the phone woman also do not mind, so be prepared for a long telephone conversation with his beautiful half.

The advent of mobile phones has opened a lot of opportunities for women: You can chat in a subway car, secretly write MSM-ki, sitting in an important meeting, to receive from your favorite photo bracelet, which he had bought her, being on a business trip in Paris. If a male cell phone is only a tool that can link a person from point "A" to the man at point "B", for the female telephone - a favorite accessory. Look in any cellular shops - that is offered for men? Black case. Or brown, but less frequently. And for women? Suede, leather, knitted fur, with feathers, beads, strazikami, kitty «Hello Kitty" eighteen pockets, and so on, the list can be endless. And all because women love their phones, cherish them and ready to decorate. Like yourself!

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