The most desirable women in the world

The most desirable women in the world
 Fascination with the Western world all sorts of ratings known as the fact that many members of the star beau monde dream in most of these ratings appear. Thus, for example, made the top list of most desirable women. And surprisingly: super popular Angelina Jolie satisfied only 35th place. Fans of the actress in anger, and they can understand. So who was among the ten most exciting ladies?  

In the first place - Katherine Heigl. Russians are not as well known record of this model and actress, but she remembered America thanks to the popular TV series "Grey's Anatomy" ("Emmy"). Then there was the movie "Knocked Up" with her participation and marriage to a famous singer Josh Kelley.

In the most famous Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio the second place. It deals not only with the fact that working with GUESS, Victoria's Secret, and charity work - helping people with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Third place Kate Beckinsale. This English actress known both at home and abroad for his roles in a variety of popular movies. By the way, Kate diploma Oxford.

Kubinka Eve Mendes, model and actress, is also well known in the West, and we have. Successful, sexy, Eva is an active animal advocate. The fourth position belongs to her.

Fifth place respondents gave unequivocally brilliant Jessica Alba. She is loved by many for his roles in films for the young and the young, and even for subtle humor.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" Scarlett Johansson - young and successful - took sixth place ranking. On account of its role in the movie "The Nanny Diaries" and others. In addition, the actress is different designer brands.

Not so well known in our country is located on the seventh step Jessica Bill, in its arsenal already have starring roles in the television series, several films, and in the future Dzhdessiki has all the chances to get the laurels of the global sex symbol.

Rihanna - Hot beauty, a popular singer, reigning at the top of musical Olympus, given to eighth place. A native of the state of Barbados has made astounding career, and does not seem to stop.

Ninth place in the list of Marisa Miller, 29-year-old model, which cooperates with the most prestigious modeling agencies. It works best on the shows of designer collections.

And closes the list of damsels as representative of the fashion business. Tenth place belongs to the Brazilians Adriana Lima, face Armani. In its active charity and the dream of an acting career.

Most likely, the list of preferences of Russians would have been different, but in the West it is these women made the most coveted top ten. Meanwhile, Monica Bellucci took only 22th place, Mila Jovovich and all 90s. Unenviable position were also other models, actresses, singers, who are sympathetic to our men.

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