Learning to perform conceived

Learning to perform conceived
 "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today" - says a Russian proverb. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this truth has existed for several centuries, and people still start a new life every Monday. Remove yourself from the anchor and stop postponing important things for later, you can use a few tips.

Remember the Pareto principle. In the 19th century Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 80% of the result depends on 20% of the effort. That is the best way to quickly deal with the chores, while spending as little time - learn to identify the main challenges and not be distracted by minor.

Start with the main course. This principle can be called the "principle of dinner." Remember, as a kid you did not spoil dessert before were not eaten first and second courses. The same method is used in real life - first useful, then pleasant. If you are used to start the day with a small, not very important, but not complex cases, and major projects put off until tomorrow, then it's time to change your routine.

Break up the whole into parts. Why are long-term projects so often relegated to the back burner? The fact that a person should immediately see the fruits of their labor, or he loses the incentive to carry out the task. Experts in time management recommend breaking large tasks into small, making a rough plan of action. To achieve an intermediate goal is to leave only a couple of hours a day, but you can immediately evaluate the result.

Trust the paper. Very hard to keep in mind all imagined to do, appointments, tasks. Keep a diary and recorded in his important information. Get in the habit every night to schedule the next day. Thanks to planning, you can achieve greater efficiency in the implementation of the planned starting the day with a really important things, and it is well known that morning - the lifting forces and excellent performance.

Case - time fun - hour. Do not forget to take appropriate breaks. The best option - to remember my school years and to rest for 15-20 minutes per hour. Try to finish all the work until Friday to the weekend completely disconnect from the cares and devote time to his family.

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