How to influence human

How to influence human
 Sometimes you need to work on solutions, opinions and actions of others. I want to be influential to many people, it allows you to feel their own importance. There are rules of influence, they can be used to influence the person.
 For more women tend to affect the person using emotions than rational method. Those who tend to infect others with their emotions, you advance to invent beautiful comparison, interesting examples and vivid metaphors. This is the way great speakers. Do not forget the gesture - a gesture of good acts open palm. It is also possible with one hand pressed to his heart, and the second - to stretch his hand to the other party. When communicating with loved ones easier to influence, so we need to work on their ability to build relationships.

For most men tend to convince, not to persuade. But women should know the rules and laws that allow you to make it convincing. There is a so-called rule of Socrates, which is known from Carnegie. In order to get an affirmative answer to the question, you first need to ask two questions, the answers to which will surely be in the affirmative. In this pattern has biochemical causes. Namely - when the person says yes, it increases the level of hormones of pleasure, and he is feeling better and more confident. A negative response causes a person to feel the strain and aggression because of higher levels of stress hormones.

Therefore, people's hard to say "no", after a few "yes". Students often unconsciously use this technique on the exam, when after a few affirmative answers to the questions the examiner agrees with the absurd claim, even without thinking about it. Of course, not always easy to guess on what questions the answer is yes. One negative or uncertain answer - and belief have to start again.

Also remember a rule Homer sequence of arguments in the process of persuasion. You must first give some strong arguments, then one or more middle and at the end - the most powerful. Weaknesses can not be used at all. Moreover, a strong argument to be from a position of the opponent. You have to like to try on his personality and decide how influential will be your thesis.

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