Why do we lie?

Why do we lie?
 Knowing that all the secret becomes clear, constantly speaking about the value of such qualities as honesty and truthfulness, the common man is lying on average 50-100 times a day. This is a lie can be so small that a man of his, in general, does not even notice in his ordinary conversation. And some scientists, psychologists and does believe that people just can not lie, because a lie is one of the main properties of the human brain. But how then can we live in a world full of lies and deceit? ..

In fact, a lie can be very different. There are various reasons for which a person is lying. First of all, you should understand that lying is generated by the natural human desire to choose for themselves the decision that it would be for the best. Does not always happen that way, but at the decision point man always thinks that it would be better. Sometimes, for him, sometimes for other people. We do not always realize that doing such a choice, but before we choose a path in front of our eyes scrolled all the possible developments of the situation.

Such things are very clearly shown, for example, in the film "Mr. Nobody", whose protagonist throughout the film lives several possible lives. The hero of the film says: "It is not made a choice in life possible absolutely everything."

But the problem is that we usually have very little time to make a choice. So, imagine that you are in a situation where you need to either lie or tell the truth. For example, you know that if you solzhёte, no catastrophic consequences will not, but you do not offend the interlocutor and you get into an unwanted situation for themselves. In this case, you subconsciously choose a lie - people never choose something from which he personally or the people around him, would be worse.

Sometimes a man and does not lie at all, but simply embellish reality. You can not blame the child who fantasizes that he is a liar. Fantasy embellishment - it's not a lie. The same applies to adults who have kept this child's tendency to day-dreams.

If people have never lied and have always said to the truth, to live for all of us would be very, very difficult. Human inner world - a mechanism very subtle and complex. He does not tolerate constant straightness and honesty.

But, as elsewhere, in this case, too, must abide by the golden mean. After all, no one would be delighted rank liar. After all, no wonder folk wisdom says: "Vries, but not zaviraysya."

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