Where does the energy

Where does the energy
 Oddly enough, the world can take away your energy, but can - give it. Following the lead of external circumstances, forgetting about yourself, you are giving your own energy. Someone - no matter you have the impression that foreign forces pulled out of your energy. Depression, apathy, emptiness - this is the result. This is the most severe conditions that are difficult to handle alone.

Where do you usually spend energy and then feel drained? First of all, your own thoughts can not give you peace of mind and deprived of the last forces.

Excessive feelings about the little things, that you can not change: the past, the error misunderstandings, all that ever entered into the sphere of your influence or are already out of it, just eat you. Also, for example, political or financial events, natural disasters, you are beyond. Wasting energy thinking this, you get nothing in return - you can not fix, return anything. If you remembered about the error and take action to correct it, is one thing. And if you're worried all day about how to make a mistake yesterday and what other people think about it - your day is lived in vain. Also, doubt, hesitation, that long, do not lead to results, harassed psyche.

Is there anything you can give negative emotions such as resentment, envy, hatred? Only result in you as evil. Settle in the subconscious, cause psychosomatic deviations, for example. Fears, particularly flimsy, virtual, pumped media, do not allow to take at least some action because just sucked off your energy. In contrast to the virtual, real fear, causes the release of adrenaline and energy boost, spodvigaet to action.

Those negative emotions, but aimed at himself extremely damaging to the psyche, as slowly but surely eating away at you. This anger at myself for some qualities manifested cowardice, inability to refuse, discreet, self-pity. Such small discontent usually sit thorn in the subconscious mind and constantly fueled by your energy.

Energy you spend and refusing to recognize and accept life as it is, to recognize that it equally has good and bad, right and wrong. The desire to blame everyone and everything, refusal to accept people as they are, with flaws and virtues, the struggle with the shortcomings of others - all are reminiscent of the fight with a windmill and turns waste of energy wasted.

Suppression of emotions, excessive control, according to the site Effekton.ru (www.effecton.ru) - it's a waste of energy. Self-control, though inevitable in most of our lives, but still hurts, so you need to look for acceptable ways of "merging" of their negative emotions, stress.

Have you noticed how affects you communicate with people - "energy vampires" pissed at the world, obscene, complaining of life? They like looking for your sympathy to their problems, and if you give it to them, you feel exhausted.

Imperceptibly, with age, you lose energy, delivered and gave forgotten goals, unfinished business, unfulfilled desires, say psychologists. In his youth, people usually bold, ambitious, and many people want a lot of dreams, making plans. But plunging into the mainstream of everyday life, work, family, gradually forget about what both wanted. And are deprived of that part of his psychic energy, which was sent to the future bright and attractive targets.

Knowing where to go to waste your precious energy can be prevented by its emptiness and apathy. The article deliberately did not identify ways of saving it, because, firstly, it is a topic for another article, and secondly, if we go by the "contradiction", they are obvious. The only thing to top it should be noted, accepting the challenge of life, choosing and making his way into it, reaching your goals, you get energy.

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