The real essence of female or feminist feminism

The real essence of female or feminist feminism
 Feminists have appeared for a long time, but the controversy about this phenomenon still continues to this day. Supporters of the traditional female character, gentle and obliging, has its reasons. Those who advocate for women's freedom from everyday life and their traditional way of life have their own beliefs. To understand all this, it is necessary to start to try to answer the question as to who are the real feminists.

Feminist - is a woman who does not believe that it is weaker than men. Not physically, of course, there's no arguing with nature, but psychologically or intellectually. And feminists are often physically very well developed, they look after their body can deal with "male" sports. It is a mistake to think that feminist feels the same as a man. Equal to men - but not the same. These feminists do not give up their femininity, but they are not weak, and does not want anyone to consider them as such.

The struggle for women's rights began a long time ago, and today they are officially recognized. In the State Duma a lot of women in some countries they occupy the presidency. Today a woman as prime minister - not a rarity.

Whereas in the past for business women was slightly dismissive attitude among men in the modern world afford it, they can not, because the women themselves do not forgive such mistakes. Not in the sense that they would do some bad things, retaliate or engage in other nonsense. They just bypass the market competitor, did not take them seriously - that's all.

We can say that feminist - is a strong woman who accepts responsibility for his life. It seeks not to resign on decision-making at the man, and always solves itself for themselves when it comes to her family, they decide together, but its opinion is taken into account on a par with the opinion of men. Life is in her own hands, and it for any price not give a controlling stake in its future to someone else.

All this means that feminists do not have the man she loved that her main hobbies - an organization of public events to help "enslaved" to women, and that it will apply the reception karate against anyone who tries to skip forward or her seat in a public transport. Not at all. Family for feminists is just as important as any other person. But also self-realization is important, not less. "I am a person! "- Says a feminist. "I have the right and freedom! And I use them. "

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