Self-hypnosis. Five principles for beginners

Self-hypnosis. Five principles for beginners
 Self-hypnosis - hypnosis achieved in the absence of human hypnotist. In this state, the person explores his subconscious and uses mental resources to achieve certain goals. Start practicing the method of self-hypnosis should be aware of five important principles of self-hypnosis.

Goal setting. Before the course of self-hypnosis and before each session clearly specify the end, to which you will come at the end.

Vera. Exclude introspection during a session of self-hypnosis. It can only be used before or after. Do not fight with involuntary self-examination if he would appear at first. Just focus on the goal. Believe in what state of hypnosis comes. Use the technique of self-hypnosis. Over time, dive into a trance will occur faster.

The absence of fear. Every beginner practice self-hypnosis at first feels anxiety and doubt, but gradually develop your other emotions: calm, confidence, firmness.

The lack of haste. At each session Set a difficult task feasible. You can hardly realize these goals, but even if you do not see results, do not assume that they do not exist at all. You slowly tread the path in your subconscious mind, and he will not be short.

Memory. Condition, mood, and events experienced and remembered in trance already happening to you. You all have seen and heard just forgot. It's time to choose from the best of the past and develop.

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