Innocent women pranks or world inside out

Innocent women pranks or world inside out
 Even if you work as a stunt, then, for sure, and you have no-no, and start thinking about the monotony of your life. What can we say about people with more mundane occupations. They think that they are mired in the routine. To this feeling has left you, and life again began to play with bright colors is not a sin sometimes take advantage of innocent women pranks.

Sometimes you wake up one morning and realize that every moment can predict how your day will take place. Know what you make breakfast for himself and his life partner, then go to work, there are two reports and ten business letters, in the evening to call the store and home. You know exactly what you talk with her boyfriend, how will your party and your night. And this knowledge is sometimes starts so annoying! Not everyone likes to live in Groundhog Day.

How to leave the routine? How to add variety to your personal life and in life in general? And why not try some women pranks? Of course, it's not about how to diversify your personal life in order, what to wear five-liter jar on hand sleeping husband, and then tickle his nose with a feather. We are talking about innocent pranks that will not harm anyone, but only cheer and create a short-term feeling that the world is turned inside out. But the feeling it should be enjoyable.

So, what can you do? How do you like this idea: during the workday write your man in ICQ, that today it is waiting for an unusual dense dinner. Buy on the way home from work a few grapes and cheeses. Arrange cheese and grape party (light red wine not be superfluous), and the main dishes are served for dessert favorite - herself a new stunning lingerie. Surely, such a "dinner" will have a man like.

You can create such a prank: to work, send your loved sms, which innocently write that today have forgotten to wear underwear, and if he could pick you up from work. Certainly see out to the end of the day your companion will not be easy. And if you're on the way home deviate from the set route, remember that your prank he will still be a long time, you can be sure.

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